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Taiyuan Simis Tire Protection Chain Branch Company

Established in 2000, with 80 employees, Taiyuan Qilin tire protection chain Inc. is a China professional manufacturer of tire protection chain used for wheel loader, mining machine, heavy duty truck. Tire protection chain is the important protective devices of wheel construction machinery. It is widely used in many kinds of abominable construction environment such as quarry, metal mine, tunnel, steel plant abominable, and so on. The tire protection chain improves the service life of tire and reduces the maintenance time of the wheel construction equipment.

Taiyuan Simis Tire Protection Chain Branch Company uses high quality alloy steel to do the parts through lost wax casting process forging process. After that, these parts are welded together by high strength automatic flash welding machines and then these parts are to be knitted wholly to become the tire protection chain. Its wear resistance and fatigue resistance are very good. According to the different environment, its service life is from 1300 hours to 18000 hours.

Taiyuan Simis Tire Protection Chain Branch Company can produce tire protection chains applying to many kinds of wheel loaders at home and abroad. For example, common type, reinforced type, infilling type for ZL20, ZL30, ZL40, ZL50, ZL60, ZL80 at home market. Foreign brand: CAT966、CAT980、CAT988、CAT992、KLD85、KLD95、KLD1102、WA400、WA600 and so on.

 dot  Repairing casting ring
 dot casting joint cell 105B
 dot casting connected cells (4 pcs) 201
 dot casting joint cell 105A
 dot side regulation casting cell 109
 dot connected casting cell (4Pcs) 401
 dot Joint casting cell 105
 dot Working casting cell 301
 dot Casting working cell 102
 dot Casting working cell 101
 dot Casting side regulation cell 119
 dot Casting side regulation cell 209
 dot Casting side connected cell 103
 dot Casting side connected cell 203
 dot Casting side connected cell 204
 dot Forging joint cell 105
 dot Forging working cell F604
 dot Forging working cell F603
 dot Forging working cell F602
 dot Forging working cell F601
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